Read my history

Read my history

My name is María, I live in Norway and my mother, Evodia, in México. Growing up in Chiapas, one of Mexico´s poorest states has impacted my life. When I was little, I observed a lot of poverty and social inequality in Chiapas. Life has turned out to take the direction I wanted, but that has not been the case for many other kids & women there. Especially for kids of ethnic families living in marginalized areas in México. As a Mexican, I have always admired the uniqueness of Mexican handcraft and its acknowledgment around the world. In 2018, right after having concluded a master's degree at the University of Oslo, I decided to create EVOMAR to actively support opportunities, rights, living wages, health, and safety for artisans women in Chiapas, Mexico.


Articles  & intervjue

Petit Futé- 05 /10/2021 (French)
Mexicanos en Noruega  - 05/06/2o21 (Spanish)







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