Textiles from Chiapas and its meaning: Tradition, history and culture

Textiles from Chiapas and its meaning: Tradition, history and culture from the hands of artisans women

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Today I wish you to bring a very meaningful text that I am sure will contribute to understanding more the history and embroidered tradition among women from Chiapas. The place where I come from.

I come from Chiapas, I lived there until I turned 19. from Chiapas, I moved to Playa del Carmen Mexico, and from there, to Norway. I left behind my beautiful culture and tradition at a very early age, I think.

It was not until I moved to Norway 18 years ago that I start realizing the beauty of the embroidery and de Mexican tradition in general.   What amazed me more about these women is their perseverance.  Day by day, month by month, and years after years they keep maintaining the  Mexican tradition alive through the textiles.  Textiles that have transcended generation after generation.

The textiles from Chiapas are more than just a piece of fabric. They are also the reflection of a tradition in which figures and images are represented in form of plants, animals and they have a deeper meaning for their native culture.

In this pciture you can see two differente types of fugures embroidered in the textile. One is  the socall frog and the other one they called it monkey.   

Right now we have pillow covers that speak for the Mexican embroidered tradition and empowerment through our textiles.





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