Møt våre håndverkere

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Møt våre håndverkere

Fra barndommen lærer de fleste urfolkjentene å veve og brodere stoff, inkludert forberedelse av fiberen (karding og bleking). De fleste tekstiler som produseres, er ment for lokal bruk, fra enkle design for daglig slitasje til mer kompliserte og dekorerte.

Mange tekstilprodukter lages fortsatt helt med tradisjonelle metoder, ved hjelp av materialer som ull, bomullstråder og naturlige farger. Dette inkluderer håndvevd stoff, laget på veveramme. Disse produktene lages av kvinnelige håndverkere. Mange broderidesign er også tradisjonelle og inneholder gamle symbolske bilder som blander mayansk og kristen verdensanskuelse.  

Våre håndverkere

Jacinta og Filomena: Ponchos og tekstiler

Our lovely friend Jacinta is specialized in naturally dyed shawls, ponchos and other textiles. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman in Puebla in one of my trip to Mexico during Summer 2019. To get in touch with her was not a easy job, because she lives in a remote and rural area of Puebla, Mexico. But I was very lucky to have someone in my family who knew Jacinta and family from before. Jacinta and I are in contact all the time and we are constantly thinking about developing new and sustainable clothing that will give her and her family a work to go every day.  Together with Jacinta we are  constantly thinking about developing new and sustainable clothing and shawls. We hope you like what we are doing. 

Filomena is Jacinta's daughter, and together they ensure to deliver the highest quality and natural environmental shawls. We are proud to collaborated with this beautiful woman from Puebla, Mexico.  

Mariano: Skinnvesker

Mariano and his wife are a skillful couple and specialized in leather bags. Together With EVOMAR we are constantly developing new techniques and unique design of bags for our customers. We are so proud to collaborate with this beautiful family from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. 



She is Seberiana. Seberiana is an amazing woman who we met when she was selling her work on the street. We immediately fell in love with her work and I started a conversation with her. Today, Seberiana does not need to sell on the street, but instead, she is working together with her family from home.

Together with Seberiana, we bring you high quality and hand-embroidery blouses and dresses. Thank you been part of our family, Seberiana. 

Noemy & Gardinea: Clutches

Our bestseller clutches are created by Noemy and her sister. Would you like to hear their history?  Noemy has two kids, and under Covid-19, her husband lost his job. Noemy needed to find a job to support the family and kids. Together with her sister, Noemy and Gardinea decided to learn how to sew.  Thanks to your support.

Today, Noemy and her sister have a regular income that gives them the possibility to work from home. 






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