Growing up in Chiapas, one of Mexico´s poorest state has impacted my life. When I was little, I observed a lot of poverty and social inequality in Chiapas, México. Life has turned out to take the direction I wanted, but that has not been the case for many other kids there. Especially for kids of ethnic families living in marginalized areas in México.'

My name is Maria, I live in Norway and my mother, Evodia, in México. We follow the fair trade principles of giving decent wages and working conditions. But first and foremost, we personally know each and every one of our talented artisans. Our creations are directly inspired by ethnical materials and patterns.

We created EVOMAR to actively support opportunities, rights, living wages, health and safety for artisans working in poor areas in México.  We will start by promoting the work of ethnic people living in Mexico and especially empower women - who represent the majority of artisanal workers.